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420 Comics Comedy Show
Any self respecting stoner MUST see this show! Four top American comics from Comedy Central will share their hilarious insight over Amsterdam and the culture of cannabis! A serious party at the Melkweg filled with vapour hits, free drinks and more. Click here to learn more...

Coupons & Discounts
If you are planning a trip to Amsterdam, you will find many great discounts and freebies available to you in the Smokers Guide Book. This part of the website has been created to give you a chance to cash in on a few more offers.

S-Guide Polls
Our latest new B-Drop addition: See what the rest of the SG online community thinks. Cast your vote on any number of topics.

BushDoc Talks Shit
Hear the latest tips and trips, rantings and ravings, from the practical to the ridiculous!

Smokers Guide Reviews
There are so many places you can go to have a good time while you are in Amsterdam, that each month, we thought to feature one (or two, but don't hold your breath) of our favourite spots to visit.

Smokers Guide "Best" Contests & Awards
Our annual contest is voted on by all of our readers! You can vote here too... Check it.

Smokers Guide Virtual Tour
Planning a day coffeeshop-hopping? Use this page to cruise around a map of the city of Amsterdam. Shops listed in the Smokers Guide book are shown here.

Cannabis Cup
Check out what is going on with the latest Cannabis Cup. 20-24 November 2007.

BushDoc's Glossary
"What the'll is he talkin' bout???" A "growing" list of the terms used on this site.

Spacey Edibles
A review of some of the finer space products that we've sampled.

Smoking Gadgets
From Hemp S-Guide Kits to Vrip Vapourisers to Hash Makers, here's some of what we've tried.

Ultimate Coffeeshop Guide
You be the judge! Vote for the best and worst coffeeshops in Amsterdam.


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