Our BushDoctor has tested many of the different kinds of Marijuana and Cannabis that are on sale in the coffee shops of Amsterdam, with marijuana pictures and reports on each strain. For the latest info and tips see what's said at BushDoctor Talks Shit

Hunter’s Special Polm  
Popeye’s Cream  
Royal Cream Gold  
Black Cobra  
Moroccan Ice Hash  
Brown Sugar  
Triple X  
Alladin's Chocolate  

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Arjans Ultra Haze 2 Ice  
Nepal Polm  
Trans Himilaya  
Violator Iceolator  
Afgaan Pollen  
Nepal Temple Balls  
Kashmir Ice  
Afghan Polm  
Bubble Trouble  
Ice-Solator Smoking Bull  

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Pink Kush  
Lemon Haze  
Morrison Haze  
Wiet Gruis Mix  
Silver Pearl  
Big Buddha Cheese  
Sour Diesel  
OG Kush  

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